Sunday, August 07, 2005
Bizarro Madison
I went to Berkeley yesterday with Justin (he attends the nearby Starr King School for the Ministry).

Berkeley is Bizarro Madison. A guide:
To our credit: the Cal campus is much deader (yeah, it's a word) in the summer months. At Wisconsin, Library Mall and State Street are vibrant during the summer.

To their credit: our campus is only as beautiful during the summer months. In the winter, Madison is cold. I always found it ironic that Madison was the prettiest when school was out of session and all the students were gone.
Agreed about the "vibrant"-ness of the city in the summer. However, there are some extrodinarily beautiful parts of the city (though admittedly they are few and far between on campus) in the winter time. I speak of the lakeshore path, Bascom, the Historical society. I could go on.
There are some amazingly gorgeous places near campus that students never go to. It's amazing how many students never set foot in the Arb, or how few go further north in the woods on Picnic Point (yes, there's another bay out there). Get on a bike and it gets better. I've never felt more alive than while climbing hills in western Dane County. The Cap City trail (especially the part down by Fitchburg) is also great.
Nathan, you forgot to mention bizarro Bascom Hill -- err...well...that'd be like the whole campus, since the whole of Cal sits on a giant hill overlooking the Golden Gate. And, bizarro The War at Home history -- as each has their share of Vietnam War era protests.

It's funny, but I hadn't really missed seeing Madison until I clicked the Wiki links. From time to time I had missed being in Madison, sure, but never really seeing it. Now, it'd be really nice to take a walk along Observatory or step into Ancora just to see those familiar sights. (And maybe not hear traffic...that's a definitive difference between the cities -- there're cars here!)
Anchorage is the same's lovely when no one is there. At least, that's what I've been told. I only saw the beginning of the loveliness, in late April.

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