Sunday, October 22, 2006
I am so unhip.
Okay, maybe I shouldn't feel that terrible, but I'm finding that large, stodgy media outlets are more clued into pop culture than I am.

Two cases in point:
  1. From the 'Mist: Google and YouTube - Two kings get together. The title is a reference to the 'Net meme started by the Sean Combs/Burger King announcement (can you say "career twilight?"). Of course, a coworker had to explain this to me.

    It's unclear in the Economist article whether or not the writers are hip to the joke, though:

    With this deal, “two kings have gotten together,” boasted Mr Hurley in a video clip on YouTube, with his team in stitches over the grandiose language.
    It's entirely possible that they're not. They are British.

  2. The Gray Lady had this: A Student’s Video Résumé Gets Attention (Some of It Unwanted).

    Read that article. Watch this video:

    Start your research: Wikipedia: Aleksey Varner.

    Reading about this kid consumed most of my Saturday afternoon. I will, from now on, "ignore the losers."

    Yale, I hope, for your reputation's sake, that this kid was a legacy. Lord knows that saves your ass on other embarassing alumni.

Friday, October 13, 2006
Corporate Cheerleading
Forgive me as I indulge in a wee bit of corporate cheerleading.

Google press release:

University of Wisconsin-Madison and Google Make Rich Historical Collection Available Online

As an a) Wisconsin alum and a b) Google Book Search engineer, I'm kind of excited.

In your face, Minnesota.

Update: related linkage:
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Sorry to miss you
This weekend will be my last and final trip to Madison. I've been flying back every other weekend for the last six weeks. I've been trying to shoehorn in work and a social life in the remaning time. Blogging, as a result, has gone by the wayside.

So tonight, I thought I'd spend some time with you, my adoring readers.

Only one thing on the docket. The House's sole independent socialist is set to become the Senate's sole independent socialist. From CNN:

Polls: One-man socialist show could open in Senate

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