Thursday, August 04, 2005
Doctor Awesome, traveler
I woke up this morning in a hostel in the Mission in San Francisco in a bunk in a room with a British guy and two other guys I had never met in my life. I stayed in the Elements Hostel, across the street from 12 Galaxies, where Robbie Fulks was playing (for the record, I am a very big Robbie Fulks fan. The fact that he's in the area makes it a moral imperative that I show up). I woke up at 8:50, a bit too late for the shuttle that left Glen Park at 9 (I would have set my cell phone as an alarm, but I didn't want to wake my bunkmates. I need to find a way to wake myself up in a hostel without making noise). I got back to work this morning by taking BART to calTrain and then taking a cab from the train station to the Googleplex.

Google runs shuttles for commuters all over the Bay Area (I'm writing this blog entry while riding one right now), complete with wireless internet. That's how I got to San Francisco last night. Right now, I'm heading up to Berkley to see Robbie Fulks again. I'll crash at Justin's and take the shuttle back tomorrow morning.

As for Fulks, Fulk-tastic! I went alone last night (can't really sell anybody at work on the concept of going to see an "alternative-country" star), but Justin's coming with tonight. I used to play a lot of Fulks covers at open mics in Madison. He got interviewed by the AV Club not too long ago.

Update, Friday Morning: Justin and I saw the guys play the Starry Plough last night. It was a bit more fitting of a bar for the genre than the middle of the city. Ironically, Justin lives no more than one block from the Starry Plough. The band came 2,200 miles to play a bar a block from Justin's house. I'm on the shuttle on the way back to work.

You know, when I turned 21, I felt really young when I would go to the bars in Madison. By the time I left Madison, I felt old. The bars where I've been the last two nights have again been older folks (I'm sure the entertainmet each night draws an older crowd, though. It did in Madison. When we went to see Robie at the Harmony Bar in Madison last New Year's, it seemed like we were the only college students there). I had introduced myself as a Harmony Bar regular to Gerald (drums) and Mike (bass). Last night, we chatted with Gerald for a while before heading home to get some sleep.

Anyway, I'll be moving closer to Stanford University soon. Hopefully there'll be more college-aged people there. I do need to get my hands on a guitar, either buying one here or getting my guitar at home out here soon.

I haven't been to my apartment since Wednesday morning.
Dude, you are young.
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