Sunday, October 09, 2005
Generally good day...
I didn't actually watch the game (Paul, maybe your theory is right), but the Packers won 52-3. I was busy helping a friend prepare for a party (which has pretty much taken up the whole day).

I'm sitting in front of the TV now. "There is a new report about an aggressive deer." There's another story about a fake post on Craigslist saying that people could just come pick up stuff from the backyard at an unwilling house.

Yesterday, I was up in San Francisco. We went to see The Blue Angels. They look so surreal, flying around the bay.

Gotta move up there...
Of course my theory was right. You act as if I'm occasionally *wrong*.
The planes were buzzing all over SF on Sunday -- it was cool getting scared out of my wits the first three times, but after about the twelfth strafing, those Hell's Angels thingies were pissing me off.

I wouldv'e liked to see them fly under the GG Bridge though -- given the chance, I might've even considered paying to see that!

(Granted, they were probably just practicing on Sunday, and not doing anything really cool...just unfortunate they had to practice very very loudly directly over millions of people's homes.)
Naw, they weren't practicing (I'm sure they practice in remote areas). It was a show. Great show.

I think you mean "Blue Angels." I hope the Hell's Angels weren't strafing your house. Yikes.
I was never a BIG football fan or anything, but I miss the whole Packers culture. That's something I *never* expected... There's something to be said for people wearing their green and gold to church on Sunday, and for cheesehead hats, and Packers-themed snow sculptures...

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