Friday, October 14, 2005
Goodbye, Wiscmail
And good riddance.

They'll probably kick me off on the 25th anyway.

I've been checking that inbox for five years now, even though most mails I sent were sent as The convenience of Wiscmail web mail (and the fact that they had an IMAP server) kept me from abandoning the account entirely. I'd just forward everything to it.

My forwarding scheme looked like this:

2 gmail accounts -> ->

But, for the last five years, there's been a 100MB size limit on the inbox. Ugh. Not to be a company cheerleader, but you should be able to beat that.

DoIT sucks. I remember working with them in my old job. They're like the campus technology Kremlin.

Anyway, I'll be using the CS department's IMAP server for all my personal stuff now.
i still have my wisc account for some reason. anyway, it'll probably be deactivated too. the only email i get from it is junkmail and those fwds from friends of freshman year.

i second the good riddance to that handled by DoIT -- i remember working for them...the good memories were those that have me breaking rules!
i just wanted to say that the "Next Blog" button is really really scary.
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