Sunday, October 02, 2005
Memory of a Free Festival
I've been up to San Francisco twice in as many days, both days seeing a few acts at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.

I need to move up there. It's now very much on the radar.

I brought my guitar back last weekend. Between the festival and the Dylan documentary on PBS, I've decided I really need to get back into open mics. For whatever reason, I find my voice has been rawer while singing. It's kind of fun.
Didn't know you liked bluegrass. Isn't my favorite, but I can tolerate it mixed with a healthy dose of more country style folk (Cowboy Junkies) and southern rock... of which I've been strangely liking these days, but am probably a naive listener.

Anyway, my point of posting.

Your old home town with repetitive radio has a new game in town: 105.5 Nekoosa (UWSP (??!?!)) bills itself as Blues but contains all of the above...I've heard Willie Nelson followed by Tom Petty then banjo yodelin' harmonica-fu all smothered with raw ear bleadin' electric guitar blues (with rarely none of that stupid ba-da-da-dumb) and of course the surprise Cowboy Junkies.

Have yet to hear any Guthries. If you hear a who-hoo echoing from the east it's me elatin' over Arlo's Motorcycle Song on the actual radio.. I go again, bloggin' in your comment box.
Yeah! When I was back home (I think first in July, then last week), I stumbled on that station and was amazed.

I lived in that town for so many years with a tape deck and my station buttons set to Wisconsin Public Radio, the college station, and the oldies station. Driving the same car in July, I was instinctively hitting the (reprogrammed) buttons and pulled up 105.5 (Madison's triple M), but, of course, not being in Madison, I got the 105.5 station. I was very impressed.

When I was high school, I used to, while having trouble falling asleep in my pitch dark room, call WWSP (the college station) and request songs to listen to so I wouldn't have to get up and find a CD.
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