Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Tales of a Young Urban Failure
A coworker gave me a copy of Tales of a Young Urban Failure.

It's about a twenty-something guy that moves to San Francisco from Wisconsin. Who watches Packer games on weekends. Who follows the Badgers. Who lives a generally college-like lifestyle despite not being in college.

It's my biography in graphic novel form.

There's even a houseguest named Peter that comes and stays.

It's uncanny.

Update: Another friend was reading the book and was pointing out the section where the protagonist drags his friend Dave to the gym when he has a life crisis. Remember SERFing?
Like the Uncanny Spider Man.
I think I may have to pick that up
Ever forget your Mom's birthday? Two years in a row?

Me neither.

But some unsolicited advice: If you do, and I'm not saying that this has happened to me, but maybe...well...this guy I know, anyway, if you do forget your Mom's birthday two years in a row. First of all, don't. Second, if you do. It can't hurt to send her the link to I Love Egg. How can you look at that thing and still be mad?
My mom's birthday is December 26th, so it's kind of hard to forget.

Must have sucked for presents as a kid.
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