Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out
Too few hours in the week, too much stuff to get done. Something's gotta give.

I was remotely taking CS 240, Advanced Topics in Operating Systems at the local junior college, but I decided to drop the class. Fortunately, it's before the deadline, so I get my tuition back.

The fact that I'm 2-3 years removed from when I took operating systems doesn't help any.

Do I know what a monitor is? Of course I know what a monitor is. It's the part of the computer that you look at.

Hopefully this shifts life back from unmanagable to barely managable. I'll hopefully be able to take up classes again next spring.

Actually, it frees up the weekend. I need to do something to decompress.
Like watch the Packers destroy the Vikings.
I love how we're one and four... and one game behind the leader of the NFC North.

Speaking of, I'm going to see the Packers play the Bears at Lambeau on Christmas Day. I can't wait.
Since no one at GOOGLE will admit or even tell us to what is going on, I have had to talk to other bloggers to find out why I have not been able to post for two days.

Supposedly, blogs with few posts - and I have 300 in one year - but with a lot of links have been shut down without any prior warning by Google. Even Microsoft at its worst has never screwed over its customers this badly.

Now as I write a blog about the media - most of my posts link to the articles I am write about, hence I have a lot of links. But Goggle has now decided to censor my views and no longer allows me to post.

All I get is this:

006 Please contact Blogger

Except - there is no way to contact anyone at blogger support...

Brady Westwater
That's what I'm saying. *If* the Pack can go take one at the Metrodome, then we're *at worst* a game behind the Lions, who seem to be doing their best to self-destruct, with a conference win against the Vikings. And it sounds like we get Green and Bubba back this week, so that's a huge bonus, especially in the red zone.
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