Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Week in Review
I've been putting in a lot of time at the office. A few things have been piling up on the queue.

Blog dump (Jackie Harvey style):

Item! My weekend was really busy, so I ended up watching the Packer and Badger games on a gamecast browser window. Both Pete and Paul have commented on the two.

Me, I can't get too down on 1-5. You have your ups and downs. The only thing that really gets me is it's a bad way for Favre to go out, but I think it's time. I'm reminded of when I was a kid, at church on Sunday mornings, and the topic of discussion would be the game that started a half hour after services ended. It didn't matter that the Packers sucked.

At the very least, this'll help put a dent in the ticket waiting list.

Again, it was nice to see the Badgers win. It's sad that the whole Northwestern thing happened. It would have been nice to see Barry go undefeated in his last season. I second Paul's Rose Bowl call. It would be so fitting. One last waltz. I'd so be there.

Item! I've been running into a lot of libertarians lately *shudder*. I'm not sure why the valley breeds them. Maybe it's the scientific secularism paired with the cruel, constantly churning market capitalism of the tech sector here. I'm generally pretty market minded (one of my majors was econ), but these guys are brutal (no public schools, privatized police protection, etc). Yikes. Makes me feel like a pinko.

Anyway, one topic of discussion was The Free State Project, where a bunch of libertarians plan to move to New Hampshire to influence policy and make a libertarian state (I'm glad I live on the West Coast). I saw an article yesterday on Christian Exodus, where fundamentalist Christians want to take over South Carolina.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm still fond of that antiquated melting-pot diversity-of-opinion concept. But seeing how we're compartmentalizing anyway, I'd like to start my own project to get the Americans that aren't completely nuts to move to one state. I pick Wisconsin. Meet you there.

Item! I'm thinking of taking a vacation in a few months. I'll probably take a week off (or maybe two), but I haven't yet decided where to go. I'm thinking I could make it a solo thing, just me wandering around (and maybe blogging). Currently, my candidate list is Hawaii, London, or Ireland, but I've also been tempted to take a Bob-Dylan-inspired trip through Northern Minnesota (see the New York Times piece, Highway 61, Visited), though maybe that'd be a better trip for the summer. Maybe South America would be cool. Let me know if you've got any suggestions.

Update: Item! Oh yeah, the White Sox. I'm not a big baseball guy and I'm never home to watch the games, but I'd like to see them pull it off. I have a cousin that works for the Sox back in Chicago.
You know, Nevada has legalized prostitution...
First, that would beyond my moral boundaries.

Second, I wouldn't have to take vacation for that. I could fit that into a weekend easily.
A weekend. Heck, *YOU* could take a long lunch.
You're either inferring that my lunch hour time is flexible or that I'm embarrassingly quick in the sack.
Take a guess playboy.
Well, you do know that I have pretty flexible working hours. I woke up at 11 today.

'Course I got home last night at 2:30.
Reading your blog has influenced my life, Nathan, albeit in a very small way. When I make mental lists, I find myself thinking "Item!" as I list stuff. Is that creepy? I think it might be creepy.
...I mean, not every time. But sometimes. Often enough, I guess.
Brazil and Argentina, nice right now, and not too bad for price.
I've been invited to go to Brazil for a frisbee tournament in January...thinking about it.

We probably couldn't have made the Rose Bowl anyway, it's the national championship game this year.
Damnit. You're right.


(Get it? Roses, poop.)
london's spendy and 'spensive now'a'days. hawaii is surprisingly cheap if you're into camping. tickets are cheap as free, and it's the hotels and "vacation packages" that bring the price up. bring some camping gear; rent some scuba gear and take some surfing classes. be lazy...Jack Johnson always sounds like he never wants to stray more than five feet from a blanket and a pillow for a reason.

long that's what google offers googlers during lunch! i knew there was a reason that google was to geeks; and, since the Valley appeals to the scientific secular libertarian type, google doesn't have to pay for all that emotional and pointless cuddling crap!! (btw, paulzy wasn't inferring that you were quick in the sack, but rather docawe inferred, and paulzy implied, that docawe is embarrassingly quick in the sack by suggesting a long lunch would do it.)
oh, and i'd vote for WI for the "sane club" when they are no longer the namesake for theWisconsin Synod. until then, i wanna go where the women are strong and the men are good looking.
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