Thursday, November 10, 2005
I'm So Vain
I probably think this blog is about me.

Nathan bowling
I've been posting a lot of photos of myself lately. On one hand, it looks pretty egotistical. On the other, I'm pretty awesome.

Anyway, I dragged some Google coworkers bowling yesterday. Most of them came willingly to the Palo Alto Bowl with me. I really enjoyed myself. I reminded me of late nights bowling at Evergreen Lanes in Nekoosa during high school.

Between the seven of us, I won two of the three games. Of course, my highest game was a 118. We weren't exactly pros.

I'm thinking it'll become a near-weekly event for me. Maybe I'll join a league. Wouldn't a Google team be the coolest thing ever? Four-person teams means we could get bowling shirts: red, yellow, green, and blue.

America rules. Wherever you go, there's a bowling alley that looks like it was built (and decorated) in 1976.

Exercise for the reader: what would be a good name for a Google bowling team?
Good name for a Google team: I'm Feeling Lucky. Yes, I'm drunk.
How about Perpetually Beta.
Gowling for Booglers.
Google Sports (sorta)
Does "Google balls" sound too unpolite? :)
Beta Bowlers.
OK, I can see the Beta joke was too obvious and already made :)

How about El Goog?
i vote for pete's suggestion.
If the league games are really late in the evening, I think "Round Midnight" would be cool, but then I'm a music/jazz geek, not a Googler geek :P
Years ago, I was on a softball team at Microsoft called Runtime Errors. I also played ice hockey at MIT on the D-league team called The Halting Problem. The slightly better C-league team was called Execution Time.

For the Google bowling team, the best I can come up with is Pin Outs or Spare Cycles. Perhaps you could do something related to map-reduce?
Um, wasn't expecting that big of a response.

My vote is currently with "Perpetually Beta" or "Beta Bowlers."
Your post was picked up Google Planet, which I know about because they've also picked up some of my posts. (I work at Google too.)
Well, I try to pickup the most interesting posts of the googlers. The chance to propose a name for a Google bowling team definitely qualified :)
it's very simple nathan. it is just one step closer to the black un helicopters landing in your back yard
After a lot of considerations and mental computations I vote for "Beta Bowlers" :)
"Results 1-10" either that or "Booglers"

incidentally, googling "bowling googlers" brings you here, more or less. hehe, that's an could always form a blog called "bowling googlers" and call yourself:

Google 'bowling googlers.'

and make it a subtle declaration.
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