Thursday, December 15, 2005
I bowled a 184 last night, my highest score ever.

That is all.
I skimmed that as 1984.

Orwelle, can't win `em all.

Some time bring a score card with and play "9 pin" rules. 9 pins on first throw is a strike. Works great until last frame, might mix things up a bit.
What really sucks is that, in the tenth frame, I bowled 9-. If I could have gotten the spare, I would be at 185 with a closed frame, so if I had knocked down at least 8 on the last roll, I would have broken 200.
Congrats Nathan. :) I think I almost broke 100 once...
Nathan, I don't have your e-mail address because I was a moron and deleted Outlook from my computer accidentally. Anyway, I was going to call you and then I realized that you're probably still at work. And then I wondered if you're coming back to Wisconsin soon.

So anyway, I would have called. I think I'll probably be busy playing Diablo II this evening (SO LAME), but I'd love to catch up with you sometime, perhaps over the holidays? I still have e-mail access (thank you myUW) so feel free to drop me a line, or at least let me know when a good time to call might be. :)

184 is not bad. I am only getting 135 for my highest score.
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