Sunday, December 11, 2005
Matchmaker, matchmaker...
Last night at a holiday party, Eric was discussing his recently joining, "the leading Jewish singles network."

I'm surprised by how specific these dating services are getting. You can also choose to date only Democrats, Republicans, military members, Christians (Catholic or Protestant), atheists, vegetarians, geeks, goths, golfers, hippies, cowboys, smokers, and more.

After he said this, I quipped that I think there should be an agnostic dating site that, on the welcome page, reads, "Do you ever wonder if there exists a soulmate out there for you?"
Everybody is talking about J-Date these days. My friend Rachel joined up too, and ended up on a date with a scary military man who announced his hatred of "the blacks" within the first hour. Not cool.
Wow, those atheists sure know how to date!

Note where the guy's hand is, and notice how the christian services all have photos of people properly compsed and in wedding gowns -- i'm all into role playing to get in the mood, but seriously, a wedding to get lucky...i dunno.
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