Saturday, December 10, 2005
Shave and a Haircut
Okay, I apologize for the dull civilian topic, but I got a haircut today.

Onsite Haircuts is a company that drives an RV to different Silicon Valley companies. I've gotten a hair cut there once or twice before.

Last week, I was in need of a haircut and got one there. They pretty effectively botched it. The hair on one side of my head was visibly longer than the other, the sides were uneven, and one part seemed like it was missed entirely. I did what I could to fix it with a pair of scissors in the bathroom mirror, but it still looked bad. I had an urge to just stop by Target some night, buy a clippers, and buzz everything off.

Not that I haven't done that before. I cut most of my hair off, by myself, during the summers of 2000, 2003, and 2004.

So today, I shoved a wad of bills sitting next to my bed into my pocket and drove to University Avenue. I had seen the President Barbershop before, but had never stopped in. Today, I did.

I was probably the only in the place under 35. I waited my turn, sat in the seat. "Medium?" the barber asked? I thought about it. Something different, I decided. "Really short," I said.

I now have a slightly longer than military haircut, and I look such the conservative (if you ignore the untucked dress shirt, the blue jeans, and the worn running shoes).

I very much like going to a barbershop rather than a salon or a standard discount place, primarily because they specialize in men's hair. I think the President Barbershop will be my standard hair care destination. I really haven't had a go-to barbershop since the College Barbershop. The College Barbershop had walls plastered with Badger memorabilia. The President Barbershop, at least, has a TV with ESPN on.
Picture forthcoming? I can't imagine you with short hair.
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i still think of you as one of my long haired friends.
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