Sunday, January 01, 2006
Be it resolved...
If this is 2006, then SERFing was started almost two years ago. SERFing was the blog that Dave and I originally started to document our New Year's Resolution to go to the gym. It was my first blog ever on Blogger.

Being geeks, we had to include technology. After each workout, we entered our workout data into a MySQL database that ran on a computer in my dorm room. That computer also ran an Apache server that served a few PHP scripts that used JpGraph to make graphs of that data. A tiny bit of Javascript in the Blogger template, and there was an image in the margin that visitors could play with and select which things they wanted graphed.

The most motivating graph, however, was the graph of our weights. Dave, being a twig of a boy, stayed pretty constant, but SERFing visitors were able to watch as I dropped 20 pounds over a few months. It was a pretty good motivator. The following summer was my Crazy Biking Summer, where my new blog was primarily about how I biked a lot.

I've really been slacking since that summer. Last school year I was busy with a lot of credits and a half-time job. Last summer, I was busy with moving across the country. This last fall I've been busy with working like crazy.

So, my New Year's resolution (drumroll...):

I will finally run a freakin marathon this year. The San Francisco Marathon, in fact. I might even have people to do it with me.

It's quite a ways off, so my resolution is to start running around the 'plex to get back into running shape.

But Doctor Awesome, how will you fit this into your busy schedule?

Every day, I take an hour-long lunch in during which I make up sarcastic things to say to people I'm sitting with (sometimes I even say them). With my new plan, I will go running during those lunches (initially twice a week, then thrice).

How do you plan to stay motivated?

Tech! Over break, I've updated my old GPS demo to be a prototype running log. This being 2006, it uses AJAX and XML. Web 2.0, man.

If you're using a browser that supports the canvas tag (Firefox 1.5+ or recent Safari), you'll see a graph of altitude and speed. I hope to make the log actually good in the near future. It runs off of XML files generated by my Forerunner.

I may also motivate myself by buying a Nano or something if I'm still actually doing this in March.
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