Monday, January 30, 2006
Getting on my New Year's Resolution
I work engineer hours. I get to work late, work late, play until late, get to sleep late, repeat.

It makes it hard to do things like getting to the store, as they keep civilian hours.

I finally got to buying some shoes last Thursday. I've been climbing two or three times a week, but I finally went running today. 2.72 miles in 23:45. 8:45s. Not too bad, actually, for a guy who hasn't done anything aerobic for a few months. But it hurt.

I know it'll get better, as I've gone through the start running routine probably a dozen times. Getting out of bed tomorrow is going to suck, though.

Here's the XML file, but I'm finding that they're too big to practically pump them into Google Maps. I think there may be too many points or that the XML file is too huge. Solutions to each (in order): data resolution reducing code (based on the current viewing window) and perhaps server code that converts XML to evalable JSON notation for the XmlHttp transfer.

(Update: playing with it more, I realize that it dumps the entire history into one XML file. I'll have to play with this some.)

Back to English: I'll do another run Friday, and then, next week, try to step it up to three times a week over my lunch hour.

Right now, I have a goal of running a good 5k in a race at the end of February.
It sounds like you're looking for a Forerunner File Splitter (perl source available).

You might also be interested in a project of mine that takes forerunner 201/301 xml and generates a google earth kml file.
Dude, that is hot.
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