Sunday, January 29, 2006
Is there life in CA?
My cell phone is used primarily as a social organizing device. I've never really been one to chat on a phone for hours.

I also have an irrational dislike of making phone calls. It's rare that I feel that what I have to say is important enough that I need to disrupt someone else. I don't like it when people do it to me, so I don't like interrupting others.

Email and IM are such better paradigms for me (my freshman year roommate and I used to have desks that faced opposite walls. We'd both work on our computers, each with headphones on. We got to IMing each other while in the same room).

For the most part, the only time I use the phone at length is to call my parents back home. My mother, of course, would rather that this be much more frequent. Occasionally I'll get really busy and not call for a while. I'll start getting more frequent emails from my mom as a result.

Well, I think I really need to call, as I just got this in my inbox:

Subject: is there life in CA?

yes _____

no _____

Love, Mom

hell, my parents find out about the big things that go on in my life through my blog...i'm sure the reason that my dad left me a voice mail in which he called me "Butch" was because he read about my radical haircut there -- in a few years I might get one to Rev. Waters from him, after I blog about my ordination!
Now that my father has learned the joy of e-mail, the calls from home are far less frequent. And that's OK. Mostly, I don't have much to say to my parents (or anyone else)...because nothing ever happens. Is it cold? Yup. What's going on in my life? Homework. Oh well. It cuts down on the telephone time and gives me more time for...homework. Yay.
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