Friday, January 27, 2006
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I saw this political cartoon today. Pretty much sums up what I feel about the recent Palestinian elections.
I was fortunate enough to speak with Matt Davies, former Association of American Editorial Cartoonist president. His ability to distance his work from his opinion was remarkable. Also remarkable was his feelings toward this administration: so much material, is that a good or a bad thing?
I'm a big fan of Cagle (the site, not the guy). I remember reading something around 2001 where cartoonists and comedians were upset that Clinton was leaving.

If they only knew what was coming. I bet Clinton was probably better for comedians. I'd imagine Bush is better for cartoonists.
If ever really forced to pick sides I'd probably say you were right. Clinton was a skilled rhetoricist, so his words and actions were probably richer for comedians, who have the luxury of being able to lead an audience through a series of assumptions and background events. Bush is unabashedly incompetent at serious rhetoric, and famously ignorant of his past mistakes, making him easy fodder for cartoonists, who have only an instant two make a point.
"...instant or two to make a point."

This is why blogger provides a preview function, dumbass.
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