Saturday, January 14, 2006
These are my friends with the machetes.
I spent the evening at home for once, trying to blow off some steam. I played guitar for a while, and then started surfing old friends' sites.

I came across this photo of Alex's. I had forgotten how much I loved it. Alex is the one in the sandals.

If you click, the caption reads "These are my friends with the machetes. Nice folks."

The photo is from his trip last summer to Guatemala. He's told me the story. These guys aren't criminals. They're a citizen police force that patrols the streets at night.

I also came across the Isthmus's Flickr page. It was a nostolgic romp through Madison. Man, I miss that city.
I particularly like this guy. Make for a good poster.
I liked this one of the Crystal Corner.
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