Monday, February 27, 2006
Of Montreal
Alex had a post today about getting into The Go Team! as a result of getting tipped off to the Morning Becomes Eclectic podcast seven months ago.

In my old job, I used to sometimes fumble through the iTunes radio stations when I got sick of my own music. I listened to WEMU's jazz and blues a lot (music without lyrics can be less distracting when programming). Because of the time difference between CST and PST, I'd also listen to KCRW in the mornings so I could listen to NPR news. When that ended, Morning Becomes Eclectic would come on, but I'd generally not take an interest and flip the station.

But it's in podcast form now, so I loaded it up (two of my other favorites: Radio Economics and Feldman's weekly monologue). I started on the first one, today's episode with Of Montreal.

Holy crap I loved it. It was so Bowie's Berlin Trilogy. I love the Berlin Trilogy. But I never went on into Eno or anything.

I listened to the podcast three or four times, over and over. I then ordered their latest two albums from Amazon.

It was totally a butterfly-effect thing. Somebody tells Alex about the Morning Becomes Eclectic podcast seven months ago, gets into a band because of it, blogs about it, I read it, sign up for the podcast, then get into another band because of it.
I've actually seen the go team at a festival and was fairly underwhelmed.

I was really there to see tortoise, pelican, 4tet, and deerhoof.

Low is good, but I wish some of the more rokken songs were longer.

I'm more of an aladdin sane/man who sold the world kind of person. I should check out this of montreal.
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