Sunday, February 05, 2006
Together Again
Ali's in town. He's got a job interview in San Francisco. If he gets it and moves out, we'll become roommates in the city.

At the airport, I was standing next to all the chauffers holding signs with names of businessmen on them. Ali walked out of the terminal and I walked up, saying, "Hello, I'm Nathan. I'll be your driver today." He laughed.

By the time we got his luggage and everything, it was a bit too late to get back to Mountain View for a Super Bowl party, so we just headed up to the city, dropped off his junk at the hotel, and headed for the Marin Headlands. We cruised up to the Golden Gate Bridge overlook.

An aside for potential San Francisco tourists: if you want a gorgeous view of the bridge, don't even bother with the rest area. Take the last exit before the tunnel, head right up into the park, and stop at Battery Spencer. Most tourists don't even realize it's there.

We then wandered around Sausalito a bit and grabbed a nice dinner. We caught the end of the game in a bar, but I was resigned to downing Diet Cokes, as my stomach is still recovering from last Friday. We parked the car in the Haight and wandered the neighborhoods down to the Castro (partially in anticipation of moving there).

It was nice to see an old friend again. We'll be hanging out more this week. We're going to try to hit the open mic at the Starry Plough in Berkeley on Tuesday and I'll play a few things. Justin will probably come with.
There's a Mountain View in Anchorage, too, but it's not the kind of place you'd want to go for a party. Crack, drive-bys, and hookers, maybe.
Crack, drive-bys, and hookers is a party!
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