Thursday, March 23, 2006
Checking in.
I worked from home this morning and am taking the last shuttle down to Google, so it's primo blogging time.

I have two more days of work until a week-long vacation. To say I need a vacation is an understatement. I'll be staying up in Napa for a few days, then heading down to Monterey, and then spending a few days in San Francisco.

I've also signed up for ZipCar (a car sharing company) recently. I have a discounted negligible annual fee, and there are a bunch of cars around my neighborhood, most of them available for $8.50 an hour (including gas). I'm going to see how that goes and contemplate selling my car at the end of the summer. I'm most excited about having access to a pickup truck. I'd never actually drive a pickup as my primary vehicle, but, you know, sometimes a guy just has to move things.
I went to Monterey last fall for a conference, nice place. We had a catered dinner at in the "Outer Bay" wing of the aquarium one night. It was very surreal; I ate my dinner at a table next to a tank of tuna fish that were bigger than me.

There are also mountain lion advisories posted in all the parks. The biggest thing I saw was a stray housecat.
If you were eating tuna for dinner, that would be even awesomer.
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