Tuesday, March 07, 2006
My little town...
Thank heavens that Governor Doyle has been there to play veto goalie for the last few years, blocking atrocious things coming out of the Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Legislature (concealed-carry law, local property tax freeze, etc.)

But I was really dismayed to see that my state will now be holding a state referendum on November 7th to put a ban on gay marriage and civil unions into the state constitution. First, I don't agree with it (really? A guy that lives next to the Castro opposes a gay marriage ban?), and second, it's such an ugly California-proposition-style end-run around the legislative process. But I feared that people around my hometown and home state wouldn't feel similarly and Wisconsin would become one of the first purple (well, bluish-purple) states to pass one of these things.

So I've been more than happy to be reading the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (yes Mom, I visit the page every day). On Sunday was this piece all about local legislators from Central Wisconsin opposing this amendment. Today, the Wausau Daily Herald had Conflict on gay marriage hits area, which, in addition to being interesting, has this little bit in the sidebar:

Organizers of Fair Wisconsin are seeking volunteers to help with their campaign against a gay marriage ban. Those who are interested may attend a training session at 5:30 p.m. today at First Presbyterian Church, 406 Grant St., Wausau.

That's right. At the church. I'm so proud.

Update: From the comments: Fair Wisconsin's No On The Amendment Blog. Shira is a contributor. I knew her in college.
What a great post. Check out more about the campaign and about all the churches working to oppose the civil unions and marriage ban here.
You can imagine what the climate about this referendum is like around my neck of the woods. It's tough to judge how it will do when you live here. Hopefully the rest of the state will rise up and smack this referendum around like it should.
Pete is right, it's tough to judge these things in this state. While plenty of social conservatives live north of, say Rapids or Wausau, do not underestimate the libertarian-type feelings that motivate folk in this state, regardless of its progressive history.

I suspect a number of people consider a referendum like this just another example of Madison trying to make rules for the rest of the state (despite the obvious nature of referendums).
The article the Sunday paper. Does anybody from Rapids write aritcles that are published in our paper on Sunday?
Thornton is from Oshkosh (Not that he's not capable of reporting about anywhere..) This is the reason I cancelled my weekend subscription.

What's 'the Castro'?

Captcha foo: hdelpfph. Sounds like a muffled cry for hdelpfph.
I linked it in the entry.
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