Saturday, March 11, 2006
Take my own advice...
Last night, while in a sentimental mood, I was reading through old blog entries (from where this blog used to be hosted). It's kind of an odd experience to read your own words when so much time has passed, as I don't remember writing some of the stuff. I find myself laughing at my own jokes.

Anyway, on March 15th, 2005, almost a year ago now, I answered a set of questions. The tenth question was pertinent to my current vacation decision.
10. What would be your ideal 2-week vacation?
Either a bike tour (along the Missisippi, Great Lakes, tour of Belgium, maybe) or a canoe trip.
It's certainly too cold in Canada right now to go on a big canoe trip, and I'm not going to Belgium by myself. But I've wanted to do a big epic multi-day bike tour for a long while. Someday, I'd like to do the full-on cross-country trip.

By taking a week off, I could have 9 days (5 days plus 2 weekends) to bike to Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Trail and then fly back. I'm not in great biking shape right now, but with that amount of time, I could do it in a little over 60 miles a day.

Hmm... I'll try to put the bike together tomorrow.
you know, you could use the route the AIDS ride takes. They might average 80 miles a day, however.

I wish I could join you on such an epic bike ride; I've been wanting to do one myself. Damn school.
Happy birthday, Nathan.
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