Sunday, April 30, 2006
Doctor Awesome's running tips
Running tip #452:

Drinking a lot of beer the night before a race does not qualify as carboloading.

On Friday evening, I met some college friends at the student union. We took care of a few pitchers. We then moved on to the Essen Haus, where we passed around a number of boots (yes, boots of beer. It's German).

I finally got to bed on Pete's couch at one in the morning. I only slept until six and spent the next hour or so staring at the ceiling. Pete and I went up to the Madison Farmers' Market to see some friends and grab some food. It was also the location of the start of the Crazylegs Classic, which I ran somewhat hungover.

I lost my timing chip before the race. I think I threw it out with the registration packet. I spent a bit of time trying to find it in a garbage can near the race start (and got some puzzled looks as a result), but couldn't find it, so I didn't get timed (and I owe some money to the timing people now). I watched the clocks at the start and the end, though. My time was 40:37, which, actually, compared to other years, isn't that bad of a time.

Paulzy and his better half ran it too. I got a chance to grab a beer with the two of them afterwards.
sorry about being a drunk ruffian at the essen hause. I hope I didn't cause any retribtion to be brought down on you guys.
Yeah, they weren't mad at us afterwards. It was nice to see you again. You're welcome to stay at my place next time you're in SF.
The only things better than the boots at Essen House are the five liter steins at Essen House. Those things are incredible; they are fine ceramic steins scaled up to the size of a large bucket.

I drank one once with Matt Hammer and Nate Griswold.
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