Monday, April 24, 2006
We're gonna make it after all!
(doin' it our way, of course)

My plans to fly home this week were endangered by my losing my wallet (and with it, all my credit cards) and US Bank totally bungling the process of rushing me a new one (it was supposed to be here already, but now it's going to take another week). But a friend bought me the ticket, so everything's cool now. He bought me the ticket this afternoon, and I fly out tomorrow (with a just a passport, cash, and luggage).

I'll by flying into Milwaukee (the city of my birth) tomorrow, starting off a wild Wisconsin week of driving around the state and visiting people. I'll be borrowing my brother's car, the 1996 Dodge Neon I drove in high school.

By choosing this week, I can also kill three birds with one stone:
  1. The Lincoln High School musical
  2. Crazylegs
  3. Mifflin Street Block Party
(there may be some drinking involved, at least for the last two. The first one maybe too)

This will be my fourth annual Crazylegs. I have either been in or seen the LHS musical every single year for more than a decade.
When will you be stopping by so I can clear off the futon?
i love thinking about nathan's birth. just magical
that was alex. (me)
Should you happen to see my parents at the musical (I think they're going Sunday, but I'm not sure), tell them I said "hi."

I remember the last LHS production of "Oklahoma." I must have been in 4th grade or something...
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