Saturday, May 13, 2006
Berkeley Revisited
A sold-out Giants game and a general lack of planning left me with a Saturday afternoon without anything to do, so I hopped a train to Berkeley.

I stepped out of the BART station and, almost immediately, a kid asks me to sign a petition. I chuckled. I also wandered through the farmers' market (Madison's is so much better), where cute college girls hawked copies of the Socialist Worker. I politley declined and smiled to myself, knowing that, despite the fact that I had my hair cropped short and the unkempt two-week beard of a left-wing grad student, I had a copy of The Road to Serfdom in my messenger bag.

I ended up wandering used bookstores. I need more reading material (though I'm not sure when or if I'll make it through all of these).

The haul:

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Bowling alone has a lot of cool information but I found that it was a little repetitive (Maybe to make the point). When you are done reading it, let me know so we can go get some beers and discuss it.
Dr. A,

How do you get to work everyday? When I lived in the city and commuted to Sunnyvale via CalTrain, I got through so many books while riding on the train. In fact, the only time I missed my stop was not because I was sleeping, but because I was so into my book.
In any case, enjoy the reading. I read Kerouak much later in life than I was "supposed to", as well. Really good though, and an interesting read.
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