Tuesday, May 02, 2006
May Mustache Madness

In college, winter breaks were long—nearly a month. They were, actually, the longest breaks of my year as I would normally work or take classes during the summer. I generally spent the holiday parts of them doing holiday-type things, but Januaries were time for all the videogames, piles of movies, and lazing around that I didn't have time for during the semester.

Of course, since I spent each day bumming around the house, I never bothered to shave. The above photo was me finally shaving a few weeks' worth of beard down to just a 'stache, which went the way of the beard a few hours later.

Yesterday morning, I shaved for the last time this month. At work, it's the second annual May Mustache Madness (it's only annual now because it's the second year). My friend Jeff is running it (my roommate refers to him as "Lightning Jeff," though he no longer sports the 'stache).

I've got some facial hair, but I'm no Jeff. But we'll see. It's not about what you're endowed with, it's how you use it. Or something like that.

I've got a month to brainstorm awesome mustache ideas.

P.S. I miss the Andystache.

P.P.S. I kind of like the concept of having a mustache. It makes me feel Magnuson like. And Magnuson is the man.
The Andystache was pretty sweet...does he still have it? I haven't seen Andy since...let me think...September 2002, when he came up to Eau Claire for some homecoming shenanigans. Dang. It's been a while.

- alex
Go for a never-ending-stache!

(If they call it a goatee, tell them THEY LIE!!)
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