Sunday, August 13, 2006
Girls' day out!
A female friend of mine was visiting from the south bay. We were going to go climbing but were too tired from having been out the previous evening, so we ended up just hanging out the whole day, clothes shopping and doing other traditionally non-masculine things.

Anyway, one of the day's adventures was a pedicure.


Yeah, a pedicure. Don't laugh.

So I'd write a full entry about the experience, but I figure I could kill two birds with one stone by copying in my Yelp review:
"Okay, first, let me say that "getting a pedicure" is not one of my normal day-to-day activities. My normal activities include "not shaving" or "belching."

But I'm ambling through the Castro with a female friend who, excitedly, decides we're going to get pedicures.


So, like I said, I'm not a pedicure guy. "Foot care," in my mind, is associated with "Odor Eaters" or "touch actin' Tenactin." But I'm also a good sport. We find a spa and walk in.

The host was friendly and really smiley. We ask for our pedicures and are led to a pair of chairs in the back. I remove my shoes and socks (my prized Green Bay Packer socks, to be specific). The pedicurist fills a foot bath for me to soak my feet in.

When my feet are good and softened, the pedicurist begins her work (and there's plenty to be done with the monster claws I've developed after years of neglect). The declawing begins. Things are clipped, sanded, scoured, rubbed, lotioned, and massaged. Very disgusting things are dug out. The nearby stylist chuckles at my lost pedicure virginity.

The result? I've been admiring my feet the rest of the weekend. They're very soft, the nails are nicely rounded, and I don't think I could even cut other people when wearing sandals anymore. The whole process cost $25.

I'll be wearing sandals to work a few times this week, and I might even go back for another pedicure in the future.

In fact, as of late, I've started to be disgusted by the hangnails and unsightly cuticles on my fingernails. Perhaps a manicure is in store..."

I had a pedicure once. It was odd to be massaged by a strange man, but other than that it was a pretty positive experience.

Unlike you, though (I assume), I had my pedicure topped off with toe nail polish, which I proceeded to chip within hours of application.

Oh well. So it goes.
I have a question for you, Nathan. How does Google order its search results? My roommate is trying to tell me that people/companies/websites/etc can pay Google to inflate their search results and put them at (or near) the top of the list for certain keywords.

I don't believe that because I like Google a lot and it doesn't seem like a very Google-esque thing to do. If you know the answer, or can direct me to some website explaining how the search results are ordered (or both), that would be cool.

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