Sunday, September 24, 2006
While you were away...
I'm pretty good at keeping up with the New York Times (I'm a site browser, not one of those self-importants that waltzes around with a print copy underarm pretending they could actually make it through that much news on a daily basis—ask Justin about the professor that made them read the entire thing every day. Besides, I have other publications I subscribe to that I can read in public when I want to be intellectually flaunting) , but during the week I spent in the Canadian wilderness, I missed this gem on July 3rd:

Thanks to YouTube Fans, 'Nobody's Watching' May Return From the Dead

I was spending the lazy Sunday morning watching YouTube in bed (why didn't they initially market household wireless as the joy of snuggling up with a Thinkpad?). Nobody's Watching Diet Coke & Mentos was featured, which led me to Nobody's Watching's pilot.

It's a sitcom about two Ohio twentysomethings that spend all of their time watching sitcoms who make a video about how bad modern sitcoms are and send it to a bunch of networks, one of which invites the two of them to fly to California to star on a reality show about them making their own sitcom.

Which is so awesome. And postmodern.

So, for your viewing enjoyment:

Nobody's Watching Part 1
Nobody's Watching Part 2
Nobody's Watching Part 3
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