Sunday, October 22, 2006
I am so unhip.
Okay, maybe I shouldn't feel that terrible, but I'm finding that large, stodgy media outlets are more clued into pop culture than I am.

Two cases in point:
  1. From the 'Mist: Google and YouTube - Two kings get together. The title is a reference to the 'Net meme started by the Sean Combs/Burger King announcement (can you say "career twilight?"). Of course, a coworker had to explain this to me.

    It's unclear in the Economist article whether or not the writers are hip to the joke, though:

    With this deal, “two kings have gotten together,” boasted Mr Hurley in a video clip on YouTube, with his team in stitches over the grandiose language.
    It's entirely possible that they're not. They are British.

  2. The Gray Lady had this: A Student’s Video Résumé Gets Attention (Some of It Unwanted).

    Read that article. Watch this video:

    Start your research: Wikipedia: Aleksey Varner.

    Reading about this kid consumed most of my Saturday afternoon. I will, from now on, "ignore the losers."

    Yale, I hope, for your reputation's sake, that this kid was a legacy. Lord knows that saves your ass on other embarassing alumni.

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