Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Brief election thoughts
I'm happy to see Doyle reelected. Wisconsin's a better place with him serving as a veto check on the Republican legislature.

I'm happy to see that John Gard was beaten. May his career in politics end tonight.

I'm happy the House switched hands. My congresswoman, Nanci Pelosi, is now speaker of the House, the ultimate good ol' boys club. My hometown congressman, Dave Obey, will likely be the head of the Appropriations Committee.

I'm less happy to see the gay marriage ban adopted. I hope to see that ugly smudge on the Wisconsin Constitution removed someday.

All in all, a bittersweet night.
I'm not entirely surprised that the gay marriage ban passed in Wisconsin (or any of the other million states that put it on the ballot), but I *am* surprised that it passed by so much. When did Wisconsin become so conservative and red-necked? Man, the people must have poured out of the woodwork for this vote. I am embarrassed for my home state.

Did you notice that South Dakota voted to ban gay marriage but not abortion? I find that rather interesting.
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