Saturday, January 06, 2007
Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen
From The Onion's Tolerability Index:
In-character interviews.

Is it admirable that Sacha Baron Cohen refuses to break character, or that World War Z author Max Brooks pretends that zombies are real? Yes. Is it funny? Usually. Is it also annoying to never get real answers? Definitely.
I largely was immune to a large portion of October's Borat media onslaught (not that my precious Times or Economist emerged unscathed).

But ugh. Letterman, Conan, Leno, Regis. The shtick gets old.

Anyway, I was reading Ann Althouse (so you don't have to) and noticed this: From NPR's Fresh Air, an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen.

That's right, not in character. Maybe I could ask him for my ten bucks back.
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He also did a real interview with Rolling Stone a few issues back. I caught the last 1/2 of the fresh air was alright, but Teri didn't ask very good questions.

Oh hi Nathan, this is Liz from high school and I read your blog.
Really interested to meet them, but who are these guys by the way.
really really good and amazing....liked it....please give us latest on it..:)
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I am really grateful to you for the sharing.
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Good and amazing....liked it....please give us latest on it..:)
Sacha baron ...Mr Borat . He is the funny guy.
I think that Sacha is a really great artist. Also thanks for your amazing articles that make my days so much nicer.
The real story begins from here.His outlets are actually very cooperative.
I love Sacha Baron Cohen so much and i think that no one should write bad stuff about him or his family.
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