Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Ultimate Madison Bar Tour
Ultimate Madison Bar Tour

Why did I never think of this when I was in college?

I really miss our late-night biking bar hops. Ali and I used to tool our Marins around town, visiting random bars and cafes. If I could say I've visited every bar and tavern in Madison, I could honestly say I've accomplished something in my life.

My Marin is sitting right outside my cube.

I need to make it back to Mickey's on Williamson.

(there's also Eating in Madison A to Z which is pretty cool)
I'd venture that hitting every bar in Madison is only a minor accomplishment. These guys are hitting every bar in the greater Madison area, encompassing Monona, Fitchburg, and Middleton. That's a much bigger challenge, and is really quite a worthy goal.

Salute to them.
I think Nathan and my bicycle barcrawls were still noteworthy. We spent many a drunken night peddling all wobbly-like between Madison's many purveyors of pints. The simple fact that we are still living to tell the tale is quite an accomplishment. Also, it was never our mission to visit every bar. In fact, we often biked past many (or virtually all) campus bars get to our chosen destinations on Willy Street and the far West Side.

I miss those days too, but good news Nathan! Its now confirmed that I am coming out to SF Sunday (2/5) for a week of interviews and reliving the past with college pals. Hustle up another bike and we will go a'crawlin'. Call me, I get some old lady's voicemail at your old number.
the link to madison bar tour is broken. speaking of hitting the bars in madison check out the guys at http://www.brewcityreview.com they went to alot of bars in most of the state.
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