Monday, January 22, 2007
Don't wear a Cubs hat
January 21, 2007

San Francisco, California
High temperature: 62

Madison, Wisconsin
High temperature: 26

San Francisco had gone through a few cold snaps for the last few months, but this last weekend was gorgeous. The SO and I replaced our old weekend morning routine (huddling for warmth with the space header cranked up) for a new one (urban exploration). Walking back from brunch Saturday morning, I pointed to the top of the rocks on top of Corona Heights and said we should climb it someday. The SO suggested doing it right then.

So up we climbed. At the top is the Randall Museum, a children's museum we never even knew existed. We climbed to the top of the hill, to the top of the nearby Buena Vista Park, and then down to the Haight (I'd never actually been inside Amoeba Music. I kind of had to -- I had noticed a Amoeba Music postcard on the wall when we ate breakfast at Cleveland's in Madison).

On Sunday, we took BART to the Embarcadero and hiked up to visit Coit Tower on top of Telegraph Hill (see entry for Coit Tower, O'Reilly invites Al Qaeda to bomb).

I took a few pictures. The view was nice.

We walked back towards BART through North Beach and Chinatown, two neighborhoods we get to infrequently. On my way out the door that morning, I had hastily grabbed a hat. It was a Cubs hat I had sitting around. I should have thought ahead, as I was stopped and asked about Chicago four or five times. I had to explain to people that despite my camera, a fleece jacket, and a Cubs hat, I was not a Midwestern tourist.

Anyway, I've developed a growing interest in walking in San Francisco, and potentially photography.
Remind me to send you a Brewers hat.
Hey Awesome Pic...Wish i could Be there.....

Have a nice time....
I have a Brewers hat. It was buried in laundry.
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